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6th Nov: Google App Engine have made significant changes to their pricing and platform. We've had to migrate all the data to a new app instance using the High Replication datastore. Millions of records and hundreds in overage costs later, we've made it to the other side.

The unfortunate part is we're forced to use experimental python 2.7 without proper local development and testing tools, or suffer the wrath of per-instance pricing.

We're monitoring the server logs, and are fixing bugs as we find them, but it's going to take a while without proper tools. Google$oft says python 2.7 should be ready by December.

Thanks for your patience,


a report not displaying all the information you'd expect? getting errors or strange behaviour?

send an email with urls, battle report links, and as many details as you can to: bugs@

More Evony Age II

AgeII specific verbage has been added for many of the battle reports. There are plenty of combinations, but hopefully they're sufficiently covered. Hero capture and auto heal details should now appear, as well as suppression, colonization and uprising scenarios.

lower case urls

all shortened urls are being converted from mixedcase to lowercase. this is due to entire in-game emails in Evony being changed to lowercase in certain circumstances

all mixed case links should continue to function as before

server name styles supported

  • Evony Age II

regional Age II server name styles supported

note: no localization provided for report details

recent changes

  • Facebook share
  • Added rate (thumbs up, thumbs down) to report page
  • Added ability for users to "share" reports with the world
  • Added "report of the day" to homepage
  • Obscured battle reports now chose from hundreds of player, hero, and city names
  • Added support for "battless00" servers
  • Bug when city contained non ascii characters. again.(Grr.. GAE dev environment doesn't match server environment)
  • Bug when scouting valleys
  • Added "fave" feature under my reports
  • Added scout losses in scout reports
  • Added "obscure" feature: king, city, hero names
  • Bug when city contained non ascii characters
  • Bug when Battle Report Defenders had no hero
  • Fixed bug with "battlewn00" urls
  • Added whitespace removal to start and end of battle url
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