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evonyurl is an Evony™ battle report cache. It allows you to shorten, cache, and add descriptions to your Evony™ battle reports. Share the shortened url with your friends, or publish it on your favorite blog or bulletin board.

We are in no way affiliated with Evony™ itself


We needed a way to keep our battle reports for a few days more than Evony&trade allowed us. Most battle reports don't fit on a single page, so screen captures are not a good solution

how long will you keep the links?

During the alpha phase, assume they could be deleted at any time.
The current answer is we don't know yet, but in simple terms: Interesting battle reports will kept longer than boring ones. If your battle report has a description, is linked to from another site such as, and has a few troops then it will be staying on the system for some time. Comparitively: "Your troops have returned" is not interesting.

are these battle reports public?

Yes. During the alpha phase (and possibly beyond), assume each battle report is visible to your worst enemy.


this site uses google app engine, and google user accounts. Battle reports that you retrieve are stored against your account. We may contact you via your google account email address.

naked domain

google app engine does not currently support naked domains (eg We are using html redirects as a temporary work around.

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